Davis Mallory grew up in Marietta, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta and was raised in a conservative Southern Baptist home. He was very involved with his church growing up, although by middle school he already knew he had same-sex attractions. Throughout much of his time in high school and middle school Davis spoke with ex-gay therapists and tried to become straight. By the age of 18, Davis moved to sunny Florida for college at Stetson University, where he joined a fraternity and got involved with the social Greek scene. By his senior year of college after dating numerous girls, and finally one lucky guy, Davis finally made peace with his sexuality and publicly "came out" on campus. That same year, through the encouragement and acceptance of his peers, he decided to try out for MTV's The Real World at an open casting call in Tampa, FL and several interviews later he was off to Denver. Davis was cast as "the straight acting gay guy" dealing with his religious
conflicting beliefs about being gay and a Christian as well
as living with a Christian homophobic roommate. Davis
graduated from Stetson University with a degree in
Business Administration with the aspirations of
entering into the Music Business Industry. Davis has
been featured on MTV's The Real World/Road Rules
Challenges The Inferno III in South Africa, The
Duel II in New Zealand and Rivals in Costa Rica.
In his free time he's a music writer for AfterElton.com
and he tours the country speaking at college
campuses about the process of coming out while
dealing with Christianity, prejudices and homophobia
in America. Davis currently resides in Chicago, IL.